Social Media Marketing in Workplaces
All Position
Study Mode
Part Time
4 days (16 hours)
Study Type
Online / Face-to-Face
Identify the value of facebook, establish platform presence, get expose to advertising fundamentals. The course will also cover on create and manage ads and also reporting 
Course Dates & Schedule
Coming Soon!
Course Details
Target Audience
All position
Target Industry
Digital Marketing
Course Methodology
The training programme can be conducted using either of the
training modes:

A. Online Mode:

The training programme is composed of technical training modules.
All 4 days training will be conducted online. The soft skills modules
will be conducted via online platfrom. (Zoom,MS Teams,Google Meet) 

B. Face-to-Face Mode:

The training programme is composed of technical training modules.
All the 4 days of training will be done in class room and lab
Attendance Certification
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Course Outline
The Value of Facebook 
  • Identify the different Products that make up the Facebook family of apps and services
  • Communicate the value proposition of the Facebook family of apps and services for businesses
Establish Platform Presence 
  • Identify the steps to establish a business presence on Facebook and Instagram
  • Explain the process to set up an ad account
  • Identify mobile creative best practices
Advertising Fundamentals
  • Identify the difference between an ad and a page post
  • Identify the structure of a Facebook campaign
  • Explain the importance of matching business goals to Facebook campaign objectives
  • Communicate the value of the Facebook Pixel
  • Explain the way Facebook charges for ads and where the ads are shown
  • Identify how Facebook protects user data privacy and common ad policies
Create and Manage Ads 
  • Explain the differences between the tools available to create and manage ads
  • Identify settings available at the campaign, ad set, and ad level
  • Determine the Facebook campaign objective to achieve business goals
  • Identify target audience capabilities
  • Given a scenario, determine the appropriate ad formats
  • Identify budget and scheduling options
  • Determine the relationship between budget and estimated results
  • Identify campaign results through ads reporting
  • Explain how to measure the success of a campaign
1. Will I get a certificate at the end of the course?
Yes, you will! The certificate will be issued by Data Kingdom