Human Resource Software
About This Software
Plan, manage, and optimize global employee processes with one common data source. Make better decisions, personalize employee experiences, and leverage highly configurable workflows that offer scalability and localization
Self-service employee portal with HRIS and time off
Reduced workload with fewer day-to-day HR inquiries
Insightful HR reports based on employee data
Features available
Recruitment & Hiring
Leave & Attendance Policy
Employee Portal
Employee Benefits
Employee Engagement
Employee Training
Performance Appraisal & Succession Planning
Payroll Processing & Salary Disbursement
Analytics and Data Management
Asset Management Software
About This Software
Providing a way to store, organize, manage and analyze inventory data. Can use to keep track stock of any kind of items, can be used also as a stock management tool or inventory tracker at home or in warehouse. It mostly use as data collection terminal. We make inventory simple, and we are always ready to help
Features available
Inventory Management
Inventory Tracking
Reporting Tools
Inventory Forecasting
Inventory Alerts
Inventory Securities & Backups
Ecommerce Software
About This Software
Offer a seamless and convenient shopping to users that are looking to shop anytime, anywhere. Provide an E-commerce platform and online shopping software that offers strong payment and logistical support, and provides all users with an easy, secure and fast online shopping experience
Features available
Storefront & e-Commerce website
Cart & Checkout
Product Catalog and Create Collections
Store Management
Marketing & SEO
Advanced Payment Solutions
Store Analytics